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    The booking of the boat can be closed in just a few short steps.

One 1 Opatija Riviera Boat rentalsSelecting the prefered boat - Browse boat offer by using our search tool and choose the boats that match your preferences. Ater selecting the boats, send the booking inquiry for each boat by filling in the form in order to check the availability. If the boat it's free in our booking engine, you can easily book it.


Two 2 Opatija Rent a Yacht CroatiaOption - If the boat is available there are two possibilities: you can proceede with the booking immediately of you can send us an enquiry about the boat. The e-mail enqury does not mean that the desire boat will be kept for you, because the booking engine is working in real time and the boat is booked and blocked while booked online. 
Nevertheless, if you send and e-mail and receive an offer fot the desire boat via mail, we can help you with the booking or arrange for you some other travelling details like flights, ferry tickets. 

Three 3 Opatija Boat for rentingReservation/Charter agreement - After receiving the charter confirmation (while booking online or via e-mail) we will send you the Charter Agreement (contract). The charter agreement should be signed and returned to us together with the proof of down payment and the skipper driving licence, within the dates indicated on the contract.
The balance payment shuld be done the latest 3 days prior to embarkation. For bookings that are done within 3 days of departure the full payment should be settled. When the charter payment is completely done you will receive the boarding pass with all necessary embarkation details.



From our fleet choose a boat which fits your needs, send to us an online booking confirmation or e-mail with a request for more info about the boat and terms of booking. 
As we are a chreter company and our crew will take care of you from now till the end of your adventure (booking procedure, check-in, check-out), we will send you a reply immediately. 
If the boat is available you can book it directly online. But if the boat is not available, according to your request, we can propose you another boat from our fleet.

In case that you and your crew don't have sailing experience, we would be more than glad to help you and propose you some of our skippers. All of them are skilful in sailing and experts for croatian cost! 
With Marea and OpatijaRiviera Charter your adventure will be unforgetable!

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