Fishing licence Fishing licence

Fishing licence

Licenses for recreational fishing at sea

 A recreational fishing license doesn't allow you to fish with a speargun!

If you want to enjoy in the recreational fishing in the Adriatic sea (whether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat), it is obligatory to buy a license. Children up to 14 years can use one hook or one troll line without purchasing a recreational fishing license.  


Valid for one (1) day: 60 kn     

Valid for three (3) days: 150 kn

Valid for seven (7) days: 300 kn

Valid for thirty (30) days: 700 kn                                                                                     

* Following types of fishing gear and equipment can be used by recreational fishing license owners:

1. Different kind of hook lines and rods for fish and cephalopods           Quantity: 2

2. Troll lines with ripping hooks for catching cephalopods                   Quantity: 2

LICENCE PRICES FOR: Fishing for tuna (Thunnus thynnus),swordfish (Xiphias gladius) and Mediterranean spearfish (Tetrapturus belone) 

Valid for one (1) day: 120 kn

Valid for three (3) days: 300 kn

Valid for seven (7) days: 600 kn

Bluefin tuna recreational and sport fishing is permitted from 16 June to 14 October. Swordfish fishing is permitted from 31 March to 1 October, and from 30 November to 1 March.

  • In recreational fishery of tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean spearfish it is allowed to retain only one specimen of swordfish or Mediterranean spearfish daily per each license. Caught tuna must be released before pulling on board of the vessel.
  • In recreational fishery of tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean spearfish it is allowed to perform fishing activities by catch and release rule.
  • In recreational fishery, one license per day per person is allowed.
  • In recreational fishery for these species one can use three gears: rod, reel with one hook on each gear or one bait with two single-hooked, double-hooked or triple-hooked hooks on each gear.
  • In order to engage in recreational fishery for these species, a person (recreational fisherman) needs to have the license for tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean spearfish. These licenses are specific and may be valid for one (1) day, three (3) days or seven (7) days.
  • Each holder of the license for recreational fishery of tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean spearfish is obliged to, within 24 hours, report the catch to the Ministry of Agriculture by the specific reporting form for catch of swordfish in recreational fishery

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