To make your arrival to Opatija  enjoyable and time spent in Croatia absolutely wonderful we have come up with the Gastro & Sights guide. 
You will find all the travel information you might need along with the city guide and Opatija map. 

The Gastro & Sights Guide will help you in getting around Opatija and its surrounding area. Take advantage of our Gastro & Sights Guide and make an Online Reservation with us - Opatija Riviera reservation centre will let you an instant Confirmation.

The travel guides will give you a lot of travel information on the Opatija Riviera map. Take an advantage of travel advice during your city travel and find all the interesting places in Opatija to give you concise travel information.  

Choose your perfect Croatia holiday in the beautiful Opatija Riviera (Volosko, Lovran, Ičići, Ika, Poljane, Veprinac, Medveja, Mošćenička Draga). 
The Online Reservation System wit instant confirmation enables you to make a secure reservation and deposit payment, and dreaming of your vacation in Croatia will be better than you expect it to be.

Check out all the interesting places in Opatija, and use this travel guide to create a perfect holiday on the wonderous Opatija Riviera!

Why travel to Opatija Riviera and what to see?
Opatija Riviera is well known to any tourist that has ever set foot on the Adriatic coast.
Even if they haven't visited Opatija, they most probably have heard something about this delightful city that has been the main tourist attraction for centuries.
Opatija has hosted a lot of well known celebrities, as well as royal family members. During the centuries Opatija was especially popular amongst aristocracy, due to the numerous Balls that where held on the Hotel Terraces, where they could show of their wealth and power. The delightful terraces and the breathtaking dresses worn by the beautiful ladies drew people to Opatija again and again and made the summers there unforgettable. 
The natural beauty of this town is enriched by another detail, the breathtaking architecture
The hotels and villas built there are very important, since all of them are adorned with breathtaking gardens that have atimeless beauty


Opatija is not only known as the most famous holiday resort, but also as an exclusive spa resort, that is visited during the whole year, due to its mild climate.


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