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 Marina Opatija Croatia, Yachts in OpatijaNautical tourism certainly represents one of most attractive parts of Croatian tourist offer.

We can rightfully say that Croatia, a country of a thousand islands and beautiful coastline, is a paradise for boaters. Located in the heart of Northern Adriatic, one of Croatia's most famous tourist destinations, the Kvarner Bay marina is one of the best starting points to set off on an unforgettable Adriatic cruise.

Opatija Riviera, the beautiful Kvarner bay and Istria, numerous islands and islets - It's like you have the entire Adriatic within your reach!

Sailors, we invite you to take advantage of all the facilities and services available in the numerous marina and ports, as well as a lot of facilities and services of which are at the disposal of boat owners, till the the rich and varied tourist offer of the Opatija Riviera.

Opatija is well connected and not only accessible by sea, it is also close to the nearest airport (like Rijeka airport, Krk airport, Pula airport, Zagreb airport, Trst airport, Ljubljana airport).
Set off on your cruise from Opatija!

Ports & Marinas in Opatija Riviera:

ACI Marina Opatija - Ičići

Sheltered from strong storm winds by Mt. Ucka, the highest mountain in Istria, close to what was the first coastal spa resort in the Adriatic and the cradle of elite tourism in the region since the time of Austria-Hungary, ACI Marina Opatija is located in the town of Opatija.

This is the best anchorage for yachts under 40 meters in the entire northern Adriatic, and its nautical tradition is three millennia old. In the 9th century BC it was home to the Liburnians, skilful builders of fast ships made of wooden planks and rope that took them as far afield as North Africa and Asia Minor.

Just as Opatija enjoyed a great reputation among foreign princes and nobles, as is ACI's Icici marina renowned among foreign boaters and Adriatic sailing enthusiasts.

This is not merely on account of its excellent facilities and its proud Blue Flag, but also because of Zagreb, Trieste and Ljubljana international airports are just a few hours' drive away, while transfers to and from Pula or Rijeka airports are even Wednesday longer.

Opatija balmy climate and the rarity of storm winds there, together with its location and good transport connections (if you do not like flying, you can drive to Icici from Vienna, Milan or Budapest in a matter of hours), makes ACI Opatija ideal both for short jaunts winter and as a start or end point of an Adriatic cruise at any time of the year.

It is never too late to plan a route, and it is a particular pleasure to do it and the marina, with a spectacular backdrop of Krk and Cres, the two largest Croatian islands.

​In the year 1999 ACI marina Opatija along with five other ACI marinas was awarded the "European Blue Flag", an environmental award, given to communities that make a special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for the local environment.
The marina has been nominated for the same award in the year 2000.

ACI Marina Opatija Ičići Harbour Master's Office
- Branch Office Opatija Liburnijska BB, 51414 Ičići
Tel. +385 51 704 004
Fax.+385 51 704 024
E-mail: m.opatija@aci-club.hr
VHF channel 10 and 16
Location (GPS): 45°19.00'N - 14°17.70'E

Open: All year round.
Berths: The marina has 281 berths and 35 boat places on shore.
All berths have water and power supply.
Facilities: Reception, exchange office, restaurant, café, toilets and showers,
laundry service,grocery store, nautical gear store, souvenir shop, repair shop,
15 t crane, parking lot.

The nearest gas station is in Opatija harbor (2nm).

Boat Approach: From the sea the marina is easily identified by a breakwater.
Entrance to the harbor is from the northeast.
At the head of the breakwater there is a lighthouse (Fl R 3s 7m 3M), which can be
used as a way point (45°18,9' N 14°17,8' E).
Sea depth at the entrance to the marina is 7 m. Maximum speed in the marina is 2 knots

Marina Admiral Opatija CroatiaMarina Admiral in Opatija

Marina Admiral lies in the very centre of Opatija, next to hotel Admiral, with 160 berths and 40 boat places on the land.

Easily reachable marina, with an outside dock for small & big boat delivery, taxi boats, boat trips & boat rentals. The marina has a lot of facilities and services of which are at the disposal of all boat owners who keep their vessels in the marina.

All berths are equipped with their own water and power supply. Marina is safe for berthing smaller boats. It has been categorized with four anchors - equivalent of five stars in hotel.

Harbour Office
- M. Tita 139. HR-51410 Opatija
Tel. +385/51/271533
Fax. +385/51/271708
VHF canal 17 E 
e-mail: marina-admiral@liburnia.hr
Location (GPS): 45°19'60''N - 14°18'40''E

Approach: The Admiral Hotel is a useful landmark when approaching as is the light on the breakwater.
There are some shoals around the head of the breakwater.

Mooring: There are 160 berths for yachts up to 30 meters and 40 berths for yachts up to 8 meters along the shore.

Facilities: Facilities include a reception office, showers and toilets, water and electricity hook ups, hotel, restaurant, café/bar, telephone, exchange office, self-service shop and fuel. Weather bulletins are available. There is also a crane (5 t.), and it is possible to have repairs done to engines and sails. In the

Admiral Opatija marina boats & yachtsArea: Opatija is a holiday resort. It has been a well known health resort since the 19th century.
There are numerous villas, hotels and parks. One of the many places to visit is Villa Angiolina, built in 1844, with its wonderful park. From above Opatija on Mount Ucka there are nice views of the Kvarner islands.

Open: All year long
Berths: • all berths have water and power supply • for boats with length over 20m price is calculated on agreement • marina is safe for berthing smaller boats (speedboats)

Services: • power supply, sanitary facilities, drinking water • constant surveillance and security • marina liability insurance • cleaning services for boat underside • warehouse renting (48 units available) • 5 ton capacity crane • towing services • use of tractor • intervention in case of broken rope • we do not offer boats for charter Facilities: • reception • ecological waste management • laundry service

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